First Pentecostal Church, Durham, NC, Rev. Johnny GodairThank you for joining us for worship today! We are blessed today by the ministry of Bro. Rodney Betts who will be preaching this morning and tonight. Let’s hear the word of the Lord! Also, we are still rejoicing in the blessings of God upon our Bus Ministry! Last Sunday, 589 children, teens, and adults rode our busses to church! I commend our captains and workers for their labor of love.

This week, we will be hosting our annual East Coast Conference! Hundreds of people will travel here to worship God together and to receive strength, encouragement, and a fresh anointing. We have a tremendous list of speakers, and the musicians and singers are some of God’s finest. Let’s continue to pray and believe God that His distinct touch will be upon East Coast Conference 2015!


2008 Carver St
Durham, NC 27705

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