To God be the Glory!

What a wonderful time we have been having at First Pentecostal Church in Durham! We are rejoicing that all of our church properties, vehicles and assets are now paid in full! To God be the Glory! Also, this past Tuesday through Thursday, we enjoyed another tremendous...

Miracles, Healing and Deliverance!

Welcome to the house of God, a place of miracles, healing and deliverance! Join us as we pray and fast this week for our upcoming East Coast Conference. We will have some of God’s finest preachers, musicians and singers ministering, and we trust it will be a...

We Anticipating Great Things

Welcome! Thank you for joining us today! The Fall of the year is a beautiful time, and we are anticipating great things! We are gearing up for our annual East Coast Conference on October 23-25, and encourage you to make plans to attend! All are welcome!


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