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We have the fire…

Welcome to the House of God! It may be cold outside, but we have the fire of the Holy Ghost burning here! Let’s enjoy the warmth of God’s presence and fellowship with others today! Tonight, join us in the gym for a delicious meal prepared by our Bible Quiz Ministry!... read more

God is with us!

Welcome to the first Sunday of the New Year of 2019! We are confident that God is with us, and that He has great things in store for us this year. As we commit to Him, let’s renew our joy in the Lord. His joy is our strength! In the midst of all the confusion and... read more

A Brand New Year!

Welcome to the House of the Lord on the final Sunday of the year! We are facing a brand new year, and have much to look forward to. If you’ve felt to make some new commitments to God, I encourage you to seek Him for your future. Let’s live 2019 in a manner pleasing to... read more

Glory to God in the Highest!

As many in our world today celebrate Christmas, let us remember the true meaning of this “holy” day – the pivotal point of man’s history and existence – the Incarnation! God became man! He came into our world and dwelled among us! Glory to God in the... read more


Welcome! We are still rejoicing over the wonderful men’s retreat we enjoyed last weekend! We had 70 preachers, and over 300 men inattendance, and we were challenged by the outstanding preaching of Bro. Rick Mayo from Spokane, Washington! We are also thankful for the... read more


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